Attention Health and Wellness Professionals...
A Step By Step Blueprint To Giving An Essential Oils Class That Converts
The Complete Guide for Nutritionists and Health Coaches
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The Complete High Converting Essential Oils Class Guide + Video Training
A step-by-step program for health and wellness professionals who want to offer high converting online essential oils classes, 
without hounding their friends & family or spamming their colleagues.
Class Blueprint
A high converting, customizable "Essential Oils For Hormones" class blueprint written specifically for wellness professionals and customizable to any niche.
Video Training
Complete step by step instructions on how to run a high converting class directly on Facebook or as a webinar to maximize buy in and enrolments.
Implementation Tips
My best tips & strategies to get more people to show up to class, get excited about the content, engage and enrol on the spot.
PLUS - When You Order Right Now You'll Also Get A BONUS 'Behind The Scenes' Tour Of My Highest Converting Facebook Class
So you can model EXACTLY how I structure my online classes in a way that not only creates credibility for me as a health practitioner, but also creates demand for the essential oils I KNOW will help my clients.
Watch The Video To See Exactly How The System Works

Having essential oils classes ONLINE, full of people who are excited to learn from you and then enrol with you... Now imagine this kind of thing happening every single month .

Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with knowing that your oils classes are aligned with your professional expertise.

Imagine finally attracting new clients into your Nutrition or Health Coaching business through online essential oils classes.
What's Included:
✔️ Detailed and customizable Essential Oils Hormones Class Blueprint, focusing on sleep, stress, and PMS but also customizable for any niche
 ✔️Step-by-step instructions for customizing your class to your expertise and teaching methodology 
✔️ Complete instructions on how to set up a high converting Facebook class
✔️ Templates for Facebook posts to maximize engagements and sign ups
✔️ A detailed outline of every single post and video you need to create for your class
✔️ Tips and strategies for a successful class: exactly what to do before, during, and after your class to get more enrolments
✔️ How to seed your coaching services during your class without feeling salesy
✔️ BONUS: Behind the scenes video tour of my own class so you can model exactly what works
✔️ A total system suitable for any rank, with any essential oils company
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