Smarter Sampling Strategies for Health Professionals + Essential Oils Practitioners
A workshop specifically for health professionals + essential oils practitioners who want to use essential oils strategically to attract new clients.

In this training, you'll learn why what you've been doing to grow your business with essential oils samples doesn't work, and exactly what to do instead to get the right people using the right oils, and build your authority as a practitioner.
You'll Learn:
  • Common mistakes people make sampling essential oils, and how to avoid them
  • ​How to be strategic with who you sample, so you're not just wasting money
  • ​What the best oils are for sampling and why
  • ​How to support people in using their samples in a way that gets them results
  • How to approach your current health coaching clients about trying essential oils
  • ​How to connect essential oils with your health and wellness service based business
  • ​How to follow up in a way that comes from a place of service, and isn't salesy or pushy
A Step By Step Guide To Sampling Essential Oils Effectively
The Complete Guide for Health and Wellness Professionals
$127 USD
One Time Payment
What You'll Learn:

Common Sampling Mistakes and How to Avoid them

How to avoid wasting your money with sample blitzes, and be strategic in your sampling strategy

Connecting To Your Services + Follow Up

How to share about essential oils in a way that your audience will related to, that connects to your wellness coaching services. Plus we'll talk follow up strategies that feel good, and aren't pushy or salesy.

The Best Oils for Sampling

Some oils are better than others for sampling. Learn what oils to sample and which ones to avoid in order for your prospects to have a positive product experience.

Bonus: Sample Guide For Your Prospects

A done-for-you guide on Sleep and Stress Management to include with your samples. Choose from 2 colour schemes, or use the customizable version as a template to suit your own methodology.
$127 USD
One Time Payment
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